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wordpress-logoWhy using WordPress for your website – WordPress is the most used website development and management software. It has a very numerous community of developers and users. It makes it easy to manage the content of the websites, and it is flexible, in that it allows to develop blogs, websites, e-commerce websites etc. Moreover, it is a multi-user software, so that many people can manage the website, and has a huge quantity of plugins that make it easy, for example, to arrange a good SEO strategy. Those are the major features that made WordPress so successful.

SWI - stiti web itWhy a website with me – The professional website I purpose stems from the idea of offering a dynamic and complete product that is specific and effective for both the self-employed worker and the company. I propose websites or blogs that have all the characteristics needed for a modern business to be successful, ranging from a captivating layout, to the self-management of the content and SEO techniques. In addition, e-Commerce websites, low-cost websites, and other customizations and services are available. Last, but not least, I can add a touch of Italian style to your website.

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